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First of all, it is the natural harbour, that gives strong protection against north or south winds and waves. That means that when the sea is rough:

  • you can easily launch or land by kayak or sup.

  • you can still do the activity safely, staying inside Damouchari's bay, which is wide enough (especially for paddleboarding).

Second, it is the coastline around Damouchari, which has everything that a recreational kayaker or super loves. Within just 2 kilometre distance to the south (where the "Fakistra Sea Caves" tour goes) we have:

  • rock gardens,

  • water passages,

  • natural stone arches,

  • impressive rock formations,

  • sweet water springs directly on the coast,

  • rocky coves full of wildly grown herbs,

  • large sea caves,

  • a beautiful beach with turquoise waters accessible only via a steep walking path (that you avoid).

And all these in a distance that everybody can paddle. From the very first moment there is always something interesting to see.



Damouchari was established by the Venetians in medieval times. Ruins of an old castle are still remaining on the hill between the beach and the harbour of our village.

Later when east Pelion got more populated and richer, Damouchari served as the main commercial harbour of the area. Being the only naturally protected bay of north-east Pelion, all farming products, food and luxury things imported (and exported) were passing from Damouchari and then distributed by mules and donkeys to all Pelion villages. Big storehouses and the customs house of that era are still standing on the bay.

Our grandfather was one of those merchants who were having Damouchari as base of their businesses. His name was Apostolos Vainopoulos and he got married to a greek-romanian lady, Cleopatra Miramare, that moved from aristocrat Bucharest to tiny Damouchari... But we are all children of Victoria's, the second wife of Apostolos, whose story is also very adventurous...... do not expect to read all details here; let something to be told by our guide.

Minimalist Staircase

Our main base is on east Pelion's only natural harbour and oldest seaside village.


The special charm of Pelion... to the bone!


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