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Multiday Sea Kayak trips around Pelion peninsula

All pelion sea kayak trip packages listed below are offered on exclusive basis, just for the group of friends or the club that does the booking. No extra paddlers will be added. Minimum group size is 2 paddlers and maximum more than 15. The tours can be held anytime of the period we are operating (April-October). Consider that the realisation of those trips need significant prior organisation and preparation. So, please, let it not be the very last minute. Regarding winter please send a special request.

The following are itinerary suggestions that cover the most interesting places on Pelion coast. Have a look on those schedules... and alternative trip plans can be easily done according to your available time and needs.


Authentic Pelion Sea Kayak Trip

6 nights / 4 days kayaking / 1 day different activity

If you want to combine sea kayaking and getting a complete view of all Pelion and its culture, this is the ideal plan. Staying all nights in hotels and guesthouses, we paddle 2 days on the southwest side, 2 days on the east side + 1 day of another activity on the mountain, like hiking, wine testing, cooking, sightseeing drive or a combination.


Pelion Sea Kayak Camping Expedition

6 nights / 5 days kayaking / 3 overnights camping

Kayaking all the way from the west to the east coast. We start from Horto village on the west side and we finish at Agios Ioannis on the east coast, paddling about 20-25 km per day and camping on secluded beaches we meet on the way.


Complete East Coast Kayak Expedition

7 nights / 6 days kayaking /  4 overnights camping

Paddle all along the dramatic east coast of Pelion from the very very north to the very bottom of the peninsula. Starting from Keramidi, the northernmost and very little known village of Pelion, we cover all distance until Trikeri. We do 20-25 km per day, seeing all highlights and we camp on secluded places along the way.


Tailor made Kayak Trips around Pelion

Duration: any nr. of days that is convenient to you

Get in touch with us and we can form together the ideal schedule. Depending on what you need, we can include (or not): airport transfers, local transfers, accommodation, food, apre-kayak activities, mountain activities and tours, such as hiking, cycling, canyoning, cooking lessons, sightseeing drive, etc.

You just tell us how you have it in mind and how much you want to enrich the plan... and everything is possible.

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